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We design, manufacture and distribute high-quality waterproof safety boots such as rain boots, wellington boots, safety gumboots and rubber boots to suppliers worldwide. This includes industrial safety boots, Korakoh boots and PVC safety boots.

Korakoh has been acclaimed for its unique, high-quality designs for safety PVC footwear since its establishment in 1990. In addition, the company is well-known for its innovative product development talents, which result in attractive, comfortable products that adhere to the PFI safety standards. The products are manufactured using the best quality material and employing advanced technology at our sophisticated manufacturing facility.

Korakoh specialises in PVC compounding and colouring; with our extensive knowledge and ongoing R & D, we produce our boots stage of the manufacturing process to assure product flawlessness. We have a cutting-edge manufacturing facility equipped with the most advanced technology and testing most advanced technology and testing facilities. Our quality control specialists inspect each shoe for safety, comfort, and durability. They provide waterproofing, grease-proofing, chemical resistance, and electric shock resistance. They are particularly suited to the Hospital, Industrial, Hotel, Restaurant, Construction, Plantation, Petrol Station, Hotel, and Transportation sectors.

Quality assurance is a continuous process in which we regularly evaluate and enhance our operations while maintaining an effective quality system. This is to ensure that high standards of excellence in terms of reliability, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction are maintained at all times. Furthermore, we are committed to developing ourselves to high operational standards through continuing education and the development of our workers and investments in our facilities.

We have a comprehensive quality assurance program throughout our organisation to ensure high quality and customer satisfaction.

We Can Provide The Best PVC Material

KORAKOH has been known as the best PVC material specialist, and since we have been embarking on ambitious programmes for producing PVC boots.







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To know why Korakoh are the best PVC Safety Boot and PVC Safety Gumboots Manufacturer in Malaysia